Choosing a theme for your wedding photos

If you are getting married in the near future and are currently at the exciting planning stage, you will want everything to be as perfect as it can possibly be on the day itself, and one of the things that you will be thinking about in this respect is how you are going to deal with your wedding photos. These are something that you will be able to keep for the rest of your life, so it is vital that you are able to get them right. With this being the case, you should consider having a theme – as this is something that could be fun, and also means that all of your guests would match together. This blog will talk you through some great themes that you could have, meaning that your photos are always going to be ones that people are able to remember.

Specific colours

You have a number of choices in this respect. If you want to, you can ask all of your guests to either wear a certain colour, or to have at least a little bit of it in the outfit that they have chosen. This could be related to things like your favourite football team, or a colour that is special to you for another reason. If you don’t want to just use one colour, then you have another option of having a rainbow theme. If you do this, then it is great to let guests know their allocated colour in advance, as this means that they would be able to get their outfit ready, and you wouldn’t run the risk of everybody turning up having chosen just one of the colours from the list.


If you have a favourite TV show, then you might wish to have your theme relating to this. Fun options can be things like Game of Thrones where guests dress as people from that era, or Star Wars, where the number of different costumes that you can choose from are almost endless.

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More general themes

There are many reasons that you may have personal jokes if you are a couple, and if this is the case then you may wish to choose a theme that means a lot to you in this respect. Heroes and villains always goes down a storm, as does pirates – as it gives your guests something really interesting to work with.

The best thing about choosing a theme is the fact that you would then be able to capture this in the photographs that you take on the special day itself. This means that you can really have some fun and use your imagination when it comes to how the characters relate to each other whilst in costume. The scenes that you set up within the theme could create some stunning photos that your guests would be able to keep hold of for many years to come, and this means that the memories that they are left with are some that are really special.